For 14 years, Saona Villas is a travel agency specializing in the rental of villas and holiday homes, and already thousands of customers have trusted us.
Our professional company gives you certain guarantees such as those mentioned below:


Licenced of Travel Agency and professional card (guaranteed rental proposed):

Saona Villas is primarily a travel agency, and our is not a simple website as it can be found in large numbers on the web, exposing rentals including descriptions and photos remain the good faith of the advertiser, or where malicious people there are some abuses.
Our business and travel agency status requires us to meet stringent professional and financial guarantees. We are located in a commercial space in the center of Rambouillet (Yvelines 78), and therefore designed to accommodate our customers.
We are regulated by a state licensed after passing in committee by the Prefecture of Ile de France (LI 078 00 0001). Obtaining it requires many particular requirements of professional skills, banking or financial guarantees.

We are also holder of a business card (No. 2748) property management.
As a tourism professional and leasing for 14 years, we offer strong guarantees:

  • SARL with capital of € 7,700. 
  • Travel agency storefront to accommodate our customers. 
  • Travel agency: License Status No. LI 078 00 0001 (financial guarantee required and professional skills). 
  • Registration Trump France: IM078120007 
  • Warranty & member of the APS: € 100,000 in 2014. 
  • Business Card No. 2748 (Property Management). 
  • NCE GAN ASSURANCES (professional liability): No. 131207167 contract 
  • Siret: 424990349 00021 
  • A website: WWW.VILLAS.FR 

APS Member and Financial Guarantee:

Saona Villas is a member of the APS, the Professional Association of Solidarity Tourism.
This subscription warranty protects the consumer and you will avoid any disappointment you never avoid with a particular structure or Internet because APS aims to deliver priority on his security services to "customers-consumers."
>> Amount guaranteed by APS for 2013: € 100 000.

 Secure site, monitoring and support from our customers:

Our website is a secure site WWW.SAONA-VILLAS.COM (in partnership with the Bank of Credit Agricole) where you can safely book your rental. Our availability is updated regularly and on a daily basis.
As a travel agent, we are directly involved in choosing your rental. So for this, we work closely with our various service and responsive on-site professionals. They are also responsible to welcome you on the spot and cover your requirements so that your stay is the best.
For our part, we remain at your SERVICE and ensure the FOLLOW-UP FILE from your booking until you return from vacation.


Optional insurance:

We offer full insurance and an optional "special location" that covers cancellation before departure, civil liability and repatriation assistance and for this, we partner with the firm BELEM.

  • Cancellation insurance, personal liability, repatriation assistance: 3.5% of rental amount. 

See details of insurance and guarantees.


Competitive rates:

Saona Villas is among the most competitive players in the market for renting villas.
After 14 years in business, our reputation among some professionals or locally responsive and the increased number of customers and bookings, sometimes allow us to offer exclusive holiday villas and so be able to practice even more attractive prices .
Also, contrary to popular belief and almost 2,000 rentals available on our website holidays, our rates are calculated as accurately and often less expensive than an individual who does not necessarily have knowledge of market rates.
Regularly, we offer numerous promotions available on our website or highlighted in your research.


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Entière satisfaction également pour le service de, c'est bien organisé, bonne communication et présentation avec le désir de satisfaire le client. Encore Merci.