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North Corsica

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The North Corsica is considered like the region of art and history with its many monuments and museums. This region also offers dynamic coastal stations.
It is full of baroque and cultural cities. It's a food and wine center. Including the city of Bastia, which is one of the most beautiful cities of Corsica. But this region probably demand more attention and more imagination than other parts of the island are enough in themselves. Italian city of its origins, it kept the choir and the Citadel.


Not miss to visit : Place Saint Nicolas, Le Vieux Port and Marina, Old Town and The Citadel ...

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Most of the shops are in town, and there are also several Corsican grocery stores that will make you discover our local products.
This region of Corsica is quite active at night (summer) with several leading clubs in city centers, the day when it gets too hot it is nice to stop in a café on the Place Saint Nicolas or Quai des martyrs.
You can visit the Cap Corse or Marana for those who prefer beaches by car there are also around the cape is nice with all the small villages and Saint Florent about 30 minutes from Bastia passing by the collar of Teghime.

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